Established in 1998, Living Essentials is committed to teaching recognized certification courses in a professional manner.

The school is located in Georgetown, Ontario in an idyllic country setting that enhances learning. It is recognized by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists and the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario. In addition to certification courses there are several different workshops and seminars available.


About the Founder of Living Essentials

Ida Mae Woodburn B.P.H.E; CAHP; RRPr; Reiki Master Teacher; is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Physical and Health Education. Ida Mae has spent 34 years in public education as a department head and in this capacity was actively involved in curriculum development at both the provincial and municipal level.

In the 1980's Ida Mae was awarded "Innovative Teacher of The Year" by the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association for her innovative and prototype program designed to keep young women involved in daily exercise. Her passion for learning continued after she retired from public education and entered the holistic health field. As both a teacher and practitioner, her journey has included studies in several different modalities as well as advanced master courses in France with Dr. Penoel, a renowned medical aromatherapist. Ida Mae was the education chairperson for several years as well as serving on the CFA board for two terms in the capacity as a board member and vice president.

Ida Mae's teaching style is to make learning interactive, informative and interesting by using hands on techniques that appeal to all learning styles. She has a commitment to her students' and clients' well being and shares her knowledge with them in an enthusiastic manner as she guides them to a healthy lifestyle. Her programmes represent the most current information available and her courses are updated on a regular basis.


Ida Mae Woodburn
Complementary Health Practitioner

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