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New Aroma Stress Release Massage 1 Day

This workshop will teach the practitioner how to use Essential Oils in an effective stress release massage by targeting the neck, back, shoulder and scalp. All participants should have a basic understanding of anatomy.

Cost: $150.00


New Aroma Flex 2 Days

The focus of this workshop is to combine Essential Oils and a Reflexology treatment. The Essential Oils will be selected to treat specific conditions. Basic blending techniques will be taught and participants will create "custom blends" to take with them. All participants will give and receive treatments.

Pre Requisite Reflexology Certification

Cost: $350.00


New Out, Out Darn Spot 1 Day 5 CEU'S for CFA Members

This is a hands on workshop teaching a cellulite treatment. Topics include a review of pertinent anatomy information, Essential Oil selection and therapeutic properties, plus cellulite techniques. Each participant will give and receive a treatment and leave with a blend.

Cost: $160.00


New In A Manner of Speaking 1 Day 2 CEU'S for CFA Members

This workshop is designed for the person who wants to learn practical skills and techniques for effective presentations including flyers, hand outs, audio visual skills using Power Point. The participant will examine different presentation lengths and determine how to use the correct material for a particular audience.

Cost: $150.00


Making Scents of Aromatherapy

An interactive workshop exploring the ancient world of aromatherapy. Topics include safe and practical application of essential oils in the home beyond massage, blending principles and how to to purchase oils. A fun filled workshop!

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $60.00


Aromatherapy-your personal spa

Use essential oils to create the effects of an all day spa in your own home! Learn to cleanse, tone and moisturize properly plus how to make and apply a clay mask. Combine all of this with a facial massage. Give your feet the attention they need with an exquisite foot treatment using butters, oils and creams. Leave with personalized take home products.

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $75.00


Lotions! Potions!

An aromatherapy workshop where you learn through practical demonstrations how to make your own natural cosmetics from scratch. Products include day and night creams, toners, bath salts and oils. Take home samples of each.

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $125.00


Melt and Pour Soap Making

Learn melt and pour soap techniques. Leave class with several bars of soap. Perfect hostess gifts.

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $60.00



Super Hands

Our hands are often neglected or forgotten but show our age as much as our face and neck. Learn how to take care of your nails, cuticles and worn out skin. Use essentials oils to treat and pamper your hands. Include a fantastic hand massage plus great recipes to create personalized products at home.

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $50.00


Massage Essentials

Learn easy and basic massage techniques to soothe away muscle stress. Blend a massage oil to give your body what it needs. Areas targeted include neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. Perfect for your significant other.

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $75.00


Sole to Sole

In this interactive workshop learn the basic techniques of the ancient art of foot reflexology.

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $60.00


Splish! Splash!

Create all the products needed to turn your bathroom into a spa. Leave class with fabulous soaps, bath salts, fizzy bath bombs, tea baths, tea vinegars, bubble baths and bath gels.

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $75.00


Children's Soap Workshops

A wonderful idea for birthday parties, sleepovers or group events for children age 6-12. Leave with several funky soap bars and a lip balm.

Length of course: 3 hrs
Cost: $25.00



Ladies Home Parties - Spa Weekends - Pamper Days

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