Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose Living Essentials ?

  • Living Essentials is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information and research as possible. All in-class courses have material presented in an easy to understand manner and have supplementary information designed for all learning styles.
  • I have a library consisting of over 95 aromatherapy and over 30 reflexology texts that are available for students to borrow which allows them to decide which resources resonate with them. Books are expensive and this provides an opportunity to make an educated choice.
  • I supply free-of-charge a practice exam which helps the student determine if she/he is ready to proceed with the certification exam for the modality.
  • Aromatherapy students not only experience in-class material but take field trips to complement their learning as well as being informed of educational workshops that are available. This is also open to correspondence students.
  • Essential oil aromatherapy kits are available at a 50% discount from a reputable company. This information is provided upon registration.

2. What criteria should I use to select a school?

All schools meet the guidelines for their association(s) but because of interest or educational expertise may place the emphasis on different aspects of the modality. I suggest that all interested candidates do the following:
  • Ask for an outline of the course material
  • Make personal contact with the school/instructor to see if there is a “fit”.

3. Are there additional costs if I register with Living Essentials?

There will be some additional costs:
  • For both reflexology and aromatherapy courses students will require an anatomy text plus it is suggested to start a library with at least one theory textbook. An extensive reading list is supplied upon registration.
  • Aromatherapy students will also be required to pay a one-time fee to write the CFA exam.
  • It is imperative that students start purchasing essential oils but the supplier is a personal choice and three different kits are available (see Question #1, point 5).

4. Do the case studies need to be performed on “real” people?

Yes and the guidelines are provided.

5. How involved are you once I purchase the correspondence manuals?

I keep in touch with all my students on a regular basis by e-mail and encourage students to contact me with any concerns/questions. No question is too small and should be addressed as soon as possible to assist in the learning process.  If it is required I will also contact you by telephone and discuss these concerns/questions.

6. How long does it take to complete the courses?

I suggest one year for both aromatherapy and reflexology. My experience has been that students who let it go longer do not finish. There are exceptions for personal circumstances that might arise. Life does get in the way at times and I allow for this.

7. Are provisions made for students with learning disabilities?

Most definitely. Material is covered at a pace that is not overwhelming and provisions are made when writing the exam. If necessary the exam can be done orally.

Ask your question directly by contacting us.