Ida Mae Woodburn

An Award-Winning, Professional Educator

  • CFA Certificate for Excellence in the Development, Enrichment and Progression of Education in Aromatherapy
  • Voted “Innovative Teacher of The Year” by the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association

Meet the Founder of Living Essentials

Ida Mae Woodburn B.P.H.E; CAHP; RRPr; Reiki Master is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Physical and Health Education (B.P.H.E.), a certified Aromatherapy Practitioner and Instructor (CAHP), a certified Reflexology Practitioner and Instructor (RRPr) and a Reiki Master.

Ida Mae spent 34 years in public education as a department head and in this capacity was actively involved in curriculum development at both the provincial and municipal level. In the 1980s Ida Mae was awarded “Innovative Teacher of The Year” by the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association for her innovative and prototype program designed to keep young women involved in daily exercise.

Her passion for learning continued after she retired from public education and entered the holistic health field. As both a teacher and practitioner, her journey has included studies in several different modalities such as Cranio Sacral Level I, Basic Process Acupressure Level I and Lymphatic Drainage Level I with the Upledger Institute in the USA. In addition she has taken master classes in France with Dr. Penoel, a renowned French medical aromatherapist, plus Level 1 – 4 in Aromatic Kinesiology with Robbi Zeck from Australia.

Ida Mae has been actively involved with the CFA both as the Education Chair for several years and serving on the CFA board as a director and vice president. In 2012 she was awarded by the CFA a certificate for excellence in the development, enrichment and progression of education in Aromatherapy.

Whether it’s a course or workshop, Ida Mae’s teaching style is to make learning interactive on a regular basis.


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