Professional Development Workshops

1. “Out, Out Darn Spot” — Cellulite Techniques — 1 Day (5 CEUs for CFA Members)

A hands-on workshop teaching cellulite treatment. Topics include:

  • An anatomy review of pertinent information
  • Essential oil selection and therapeutic properties
  • Cellulite techniques
  • Each participant will give and receive treatments
  • Cellulite recipes

COST: $175.00

2. “Teacher Training” — 5 Days

Are you interested in becoming an instructor for your professional association? This is the workshop for you! An interactive workshop aimed at preparing you to become a certified instructor/school. Topics include:

  • Teaching qualities
  • Adult learner qualities
  • Instructional techniques
  • Curriculum and class design
  • In-class techniques vs. distance learning
  • Special classroom situations
  • In-class teaching practicum

COST: $850.00

3. “Aroma Flex” — 2 Days

The focus of this workshop is how to safely use of essential oils in a reflexology treatment. Topics include:

  • Essential oils for specific conditions
  • Basic blending techniques
  • Essential oil cross referencing

PREREQUISITE: Reflexology Certification

COST: $ 350.00

4. “In A Manner Of Speaking” — 1 Day (2 CEUs for CFA Members)

A workshop designed for the person who wants to learn practical skills and techniques for effective presentations. Topics include:

  • Creating flyers, handouts and creative methodologies
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Creating material for different audiences and different timelines

COST: $175.00

5. Leg/Foot Massage — 4 Hours

A workshop designed to teach a basic leg/foot massage that could be used in hospice or long-term care. Topics include:

  • Hospice/Palliative Care theory
  • A variety of leg/foot techniques

COST: $125.00

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