Students Share Their Impressions

  • I took the Aromatherapy Certification with Ida Mae in the summer/spring of 2019 and without any hint of exaggeration, I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I never imagined I would say that I love school, but it was very exciting every week knowing I was going to see Ida Mae in her beautiful home and learn. The content is very thorough, the teaching style is creative, and best of all, Ida Mae is very flexible and helpful when it comes to adapting the schedule to life's unexpected events. The amount of information I learned in a short period of time was remarkable. She has a way of teaching that meets the student's learning needs. Thank you Ida Mae, I truly found a passion in aromatherapy and a huge part of that was your influence on my learning! I would recommend that anyone who is interested in learning aromatherapy, take the program with Ida Mae. You will not regret it!

  • I had the pleasure of being a Reflexology student of Ida Mae’s this past 6 months. As an adult learner I found Ida Mae’s teaching methods allowed me to retain the information much easier as she often incorporated a practical component in addition to the text book material. Her instruction was clear and the course content was always interesting. I was able to manage the pace of the course and found myself looking forward to our in class sessions. I am thrilled to say that I am a graduate of Ida Mae Woodburn -Essential Living Reflexology Course.

  • I have not met Ida Mae. I have not attended a single class nor have I even seen her facilities which are illustrated so beautifully on her website, but I will be forever grateful for how her aromatherapy course has changed my daughter’s life in so many ways. In 2015, my daughter Tami, was in a dreadful car accident which left her with multiple external and internal injuries, which resulted in a “Catastrophic Brain Injury”. Our hopes for Tami to return to the work force were very grim. Not every teacher would welcome a student with such injuries, but Ida Mae risked her reputation as an excellent teacher and agreed to accept Tami into her course. I believe that there must have been times that Ida Mae wondered if she had made the right decision in accepting Tami, because both Tami and I, at times, wondered if Tami had the ability and stamina to keep plugging along. But Ida Mae was amazing! She encouraged Tami when she was struggling, and on the occasions that I communicated with Ida Mae, it was obvious that she really cared about Tami. It would have been easy to give up, because Tami had been out of school for many years and faced many challenges, but Ida Mae never once gave me the impression that she would give up on Tami. Today, January 22, 2020, Tami successfully completed her final examination and is now a qualified Aromatherapist. As miraculous as that is, the real miracle is that Tami’s memory, concentration and ability to focus have improved, her confidence has soared and once again, she is excited about her future! Thank you, Ida Mae!

    Tami's Mother
  • I have suffered a catastrophic brain injury. I really wanted to further my education but was not sure success would be possible. My rehab worker and I started looking into possible fields for me, I had started using essential oils for pain and relaxation for myself and decided to investigate aromatherapy since I was already very interested and pleased with the oils positive results. We called around, but unfortunately, we had several negative responses to any sort of extra help due to my brain injury. Then we found Ida Mae! She informed us that she had experience working with people with learning deficit and was more than accommodating and allowed my rehab worker to attend class to help take notes at no extra charge. My rehab worker only attended the one class, because I was so comfortable with Ida Mae. I did not feel I even needed the extra help. Ida Mae is a wonderful patient teacher. She is very informative, and we progressed at a pace I was able to keep up with. I am now a certified Aromatherapist! Ida Mae Woodburn is an amazing teacher and the Aromatherapy course is well worth the time and effort. I could not be happier with the education I received.

  • "I began my search for a school to teach me reflexology and found Ida Mae Woodburn and Living Essentials. She teaches out of her home in a beautiful setting in the country that lends itself well to reflexology. From the very first time I spoke to her on the phone, I was sold on going to her school. She is not only a wonderful human being but also a remarkable teacher. Each week I enjoyed going to class and was blessed to be her only student which gave me the opportunity to have her undivided attention. Her knowledge is boundless and although there were tests each week and much homework and studying, I found the course outline to be very thorough. Ida Mae made learning fun and interesting. I would recommend her school to anyone for whatever course they wish to take. Thank you Ida Mae, you have changed my life!"

  • "Ida Mae has been a fantastic teacher. Her course work is thorough and creative. She was willing to work around my crazy schedule and help me succeed in this course. I have greatly appreciated her hard work and flexibility. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in becoming an aromatherapist or just wants to learn about essential oils. She will prepare you for everything you need to know and then some! This program has been great fun."

  • "I recently had the pleasure of being a student in Ida Mae Woodburn’s Living Essentials Aromatherapy Certification Course. Ida Mae is very knowledgeable in the practice of aromatherapy and essential oils. She was also well versed in other alternative methodologies and complementary health care practices. She was an excellent teacher and presented the material in an easy to comprehend manner and used a variety of ways to keep the classes interesting. These attributes were not surprising since Ida Mae is very passionate about health and well being. The pace and structure of the course content was highly organized and presented in a logical order. The hands-on sections and a field trip provided additional opportunities to learn and apply your knowledge. Another added bonus was the location and classroom setting. Nestled at the end of a long laneway, the rural setting was very picturesque, tranquil and conducive to a relaxing, learning environment. Ida Mae sets high standards for herself and expects the same from her students. She is supportive and goes above and beyond to ensure your success as an Aromatherapy professional."

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed my aromatherapy course with Ida Mae. She is professional, organized and well educated to teach this program. She really cares about her students."

  • "Always anxious to broaden my horizons I took an aromatherapy workshop with Ida Mae. It was 2 hours of very knowledgeable tutelage and turned me into an aromatherapy advocate. I can now transform the ambiance of my home to suit my mood and sometimes alter my mood. I blend essential oils, based on notes from Ida Mae and diffuse them into my environment for hours of peaceful, healthful enjoyment. Thanks so much, Ida Mae."

  • "I’ll always be thankful for discovering Living Essentials and Ida Mae. I was online searching for a workshop for massage techniques and Living Essentials came up several times, but it had details for aromatherapy which I didn’t know a lot about so I kept searching. When I still didn’t find what I thought I was looking for I explored the results from Living Essentials in more detail and I am so glad that I did! After taking the time to read the information provided and the variety of workshops available I booked the Stress Buster Massage and Making Scents of Aromatherapy workshops. After meeting Ida Mae and experiencing her wonderful energy and spirit as she shared the history and benefits of aromatherapy, not just in massage but for everyday health and beauty, I was hooked! I’m looking forward to continuing my studies with Living Essentials. For anyone considering a half-day workshop or a full certification course with Ida Mae you will not be disappointed and you will benefit from the experience. "

  • "An excellent presentation from start to finish! Her presentation on the history of aromatherapy and its current applications was interesting, informative, factual and delivered in a clear, well-paced manner, with a sprinkling of humour. During the presentation, samples of various oils and scent sticks were circulated prompting a variety of questions which Ida Mae ably responded to given her knowledge and experience in this field. Ida Mae is both professional and personally engaging and I would highly recommend this presentation to others."

  • "Ida Mae Woodburn, of Living Essentials, was my aromatherapy instructor. She is professional, caring, concise and thorough in her teaching style to ensure her students receive an outstanding education on their path to becoming aromatherapists. She was always available for calls and questions during the distance correspondence part of the course, with timely direction and guidance. The practical (hands-on learning) part of the course was located at her school/studio, in Georgetown, Ontario in a beautiful home nestled in lush acres of quiet countryside, which truly enhanced the holistic aspect of aromatherapy. Although I completed my training with Ida Mae, and have my own business, I always feel comfortable contacting her for any questions or inquiries I may have, and she is generous with her experience and knowledge. Living Essentials is on my favourites list."

  • "Upon graduating from Ida Mae’s Living Essentials Aromatherapy Course, I felt confident, prepared and inspired to be an aromatherapist. Ida Mae’s curriculum paired with her passion for teaching will shape you into being the best aromatherapist you can be."

  • "The Living Essentials course was excellent! The content was well organized and easy to follow. Ida Mae was very quick to respond whenever I had questions and she was very helpful both through email and on the phone. She ensured that I was on track and that I was comfortable with the material. The bodywork course was excellent; hands-on learning began the first day and was very informative. When I completed the course materials and the bodywork course, I felt prepared to begin my practice as an aromatherapist. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of aromatherapy."

  • "Ida Mae possesses an extensive knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy. This is evident in her course content and instruction style as well as her full attention to my inquiries and willingness to learn as a student. I found her course very valuable in paving the way to my future as an aromatologist. Ida Mae, you were a pleasure to work with and I’m grateful for your teachings and support. Thanks for everything!"